Interpret your character from eating hot pot

  • What season do you like to eat hot pot?
  • Winter to (2)
  • Summer to (5)
  • It does not matter to (1)
  • Do you like to eat with the sauce?
  • Like to (2)
  • Don’t like to (5)
  • Will you add eggs into your sauce?
  • Yes to (3)
  • No to (6)
  • If you eat half and find a small piece of cigarette butt in the hot pot, what do you do?
  • Quarrel with the boss and ask for a new pot to (13)
  • Stop eating, and checking out to (10)
  • What is the standard for your selection of hot pot restaurants?
  • Famous to (7)
  • Inexpensive (8)
  • Would you like to try the new pot?
  • Yes to (6)
  • No to (8)
  • How many people do you like to eat hot pot together?
  • Several good friends to (9)
  • A lot of friends to (3)
  • The restaurant is full, do you choose to wait or change one now?
  • Wait to (11)
  • Change to (12)
  • Which one do you like?
  • Yuba to (9)
  • Udon Powder to (7)
  • Will drink the soup first or eat first?
  • Soup to (10)
  • Eat to (12)
  • If the boss tells you that it must be added to the hot pot for a week, the ingredients will become delicious. Would you like to give it a try?
  • Yes to (17)
  • No to (13)
  • Would you come to a bowl of cool shaved ice after eating a hot pot?
  • Yes to (15)
  • No to (14)
  • When you eat hot pot, do you like to put meat in the first place or finally put it?
  • At the beginning to (15)
  • Waiting until last to (11)
  • Do you like to throw the side dish into the hot pot and cook it, still cook the same?
  • Cook together to (17)
  • Cook one by one to (16)
  • What kind drink do you like?
  • Oolong tea to (16)
  • Ume juice to A
  • Do you like eat hot pot at home or in the restaurant?
  • At home to (16)
  • At restaurant to (14)
  • When you are full, if you have the next guest waiting for the seat, would you care?
  • Yes to B
  • No to C
  • You have already eaten very much. At this time, the boss suddenly said that he would give you a pot for free. Will you still eat it?
  • Yes to D
  • No to (16)

Test results:

  1. Shabu shabu

You are introverted, even a little autistic, like a person to stay at home quietly, it is very difficult for you to talk to people you don’t know. So there are not many friends, but there are still a few. You have to learn to cherish your few friends.

You are more interested in your own affairs. Once you have determined your goals, you will complete them step by step. Even if you are bitter, it doesn’t matter. But you don’t want to keep yourself in the ivory tower. Some things even if you work hard again, without the help of others, you will accomplish nothing. You need to interact with different people and meet more friends. Don’t feel bored with people, be willing to take the initiative.

  • Spicy incense pot

Your personality is extreme, love is clear, and your character is hot. If you encounter something you like, you will act immediately. Once you feel that you don’t like it, you will get out of it immediately. Since your preconceived notion is strong, making friends tends to prefer the same type, but once you become friends, you will be close to each other.You are very bold, you will help when your friends have difficulties, and friends are very dependent on you. But because your personality is inconspicuous, maybe because of a small thing you will turn your face with friends, or change your original intention, these will make you gradually lose the trust of your friends. You’d better learn to be organized and consistent.

  • Japanese hot pot

Your temperament is gentle, adaptable, and almost no one will say bad things about you. You hate conflicts with others, so you develop an ambiguous attitude and take different opinions about different people. Although you are a good old man, you lack personal charisma. On the surface, you have a lot of friends, but no one is willing to help you if you encounter difficulties.

In groups, you only have to learn to express your opinions properly. If you are afraid of conflict, you will not let the other person know what you think. Your ability to coordinate is very strong, as long as it can be used to express your own thoughts, not to harm others, and believe that others will accept your opinion. You are you, you don’t need to be low to others, you have to have your own style.

  • Mandarin duck pot

Your personality is stubborn and you like to dig into the horns. Once you decide something, even if you are against you, you have to go it alone. This kind of performance allows you to exert a strong will and serve as a strong leader in the group. When family or friends encounter difficulties, you will be obliged to help and be trusted by everyone.

However, because you are very stubborn and completely ignore the opinions of the people around you, you often set up enemies and have a lot of friction with the people around you. Keeping your style is not a bad thing, but being too stubborn is not good and will be isolated.You must learn to listen to your own opinions, respect different ways of thinking, and broaden your horizons.

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