Avoid aging with Yoga

Yoga is more than just any form of workout! It is a way of life that is adopted by various people all throughout the world. Yoga is an age old science that helps in overall development of human beings. One who practices yoga on daily basis learns to gain control over his aware senses, body postures as well as breathing practices which ultimately lead to various positive changes in life.

People can even opt for yoga as one of the best weight loss practice. The impacts of Yoga in weight loss have been identified as far reaching and long lasting. If you will consult some practiced Yoga guru you will get to know how to avoid the process of aging to a considerable extent through yoga.

It is a very well known fact that losing weight can itself help one in looking younger and fit. Your body looks lean and stays active when it starts losing unwanted layers of fat from itself. Yoga can help one in attaining the aim of weight loss through its various asanas and forms.

These days yoga has been introduced in various modifications. Where people earlier used to denote yoga only for posture formation and shape correction, these days the forms of Yoga such as “power yoga”, “aqua yoga” etc help in reduction of weight as well.

Power Yoga:

One of the best contemporary methods of losing weight and attaining youthful synergies is Power Yoga. This has to be practiced with some mild music in the background and repetitions are practiced at a comparatively faster pace than normal yoga asanas. Most of the people adopt the postures of “Surya Namaskar” for performing power yoga as it is easier to remember them in sequence and also they involve whole body workout in one go.

You have do 10-30 sets of these asanas at a stretch.

The aim of power yoga is to aid in faster weight loss while maintaining the flexibility of the muscles and inculcating strength and core stamina in the ligaments.

One starts sweating profusely during the repetitions of the sets which is the aim of such practice.

Aqua Yoga:

Another form of Yoga which is carried in water is- Aqua Yoga. Most of the people perform this new training of Yoga in swimming pool. Classes are held by the trained specialists who try to use the buoyancy of water while performing various difficult asanas with ease.

Aqua yoga is based on the principal that the body weight becomes lighter in realisation while one person is under water. Therefore, the flexibility of body increases and it becomes possible to form difficult postures and hold them for longer periods of time. Water also helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin which helps in nourishing the open pours of skin to large extent inhaling the youthful glow to make one feel younger.

Yoga is an all round workout practice that one can enjoy in daily routine. Regular practice of Yoga aids in weight loss to large extent.


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