Winning with Premium Smokes

It’s been said that cigarettes are a habit, cigars are a hobby and pipes are a religion. Indeed, society hasdifferent ways of viewing those who partake of each one. What some see as a nasty habit, others see asthe height of cool. No matter what you think of those who love tobacco, you’ll find all things tobacco at JRCigars online. Right now, you’d have to place cigars over there with the cool kids, because there hasbeen such a resurgence of smoking them, more than $440 million dollars have been spent enjoying them,

or gifting them in recent years.Whether you’ve been smoking for decades or have recently decided to give it a try, the knowledgeableprofessionals at JR Cigars will give you lots of facts and tips to help you make an informed decision andchoose the style that is best for you. Seasoned hands know what they want, and that JR Cigars offers


the best selection around. But even they might not know that you can use a convenient Groupon couponto snag deals on singles, bundles, samplers and more. If you search Groupon you’ll find ways to save onsmokes, accessories, gifts, and even unlock codes for new product alerts and exclusive deals throughtheir newsletter.


If you want to give Dad a unique Father’s Day gift, arrange to have him participate in an online auction.JR Cigars holds online auctions for bundles of cigars and accessories like humidors and ash trays. Oncehe gets the winning bid, he’ll have a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.


The best way to develop your palate is to smoke a variety of cigars so you really know what pleases you most. JR Cigars makes that easy to do. They offer samplers, tins and boxes to fit every budget and tastelevel. And they also have the latest flavors for vapors and ecigarettes in stock, so you can shop the

brands you like for those products while you are at it. They offer a huge selection of the mostmouthwatering juices like Suicide Bunny, Kings Crown 7’s and you can purchase the state-of- the-artstarter kits and accessories like NJoy, and Smoke Stik to add to your smoking pleasure.All in all, JR Cigars offers top quality brands like Cohiba, Monte Cristo, Romero y Julieta, Alex Bradley,La Unica, Casa de Garcia and many more. Take advantage of the quality products and ease of onlineshopping to make this Father’s Day a hit for your favorite smoker and they will feel like a winner allaround.

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