The Role Of The Atmosphere In Our Lives


We all know air exists but nobody has really seen it. The air around us and our planet is something which we’ve taken for granted. But the involvement of the atmosphere is something that cannot be expunged. Thus, for us to have that sense of respect and to take care of the world we live in, we need to have a prerequisite understanding of the roles it undertakes. On that note, let us shed some light on the factors on which we have the atmosphere to thank for our survival.

  • Breathing fluid: Breathing is an inescapable aspect of our lives. The atmosphere harbors over 20 kinds of gases. Of which oxygen, the air we breathe, is the second most abundant gas we have on the planet shuffled into the atmosphere.
  • UV Protection: The atmosphere serves as a giant shield against cosmic rays and radiation. The dense amount of ozone molecules helps us attain it. Thick layers of molecular gases block and absorb a large section of the inbound gases.
  • Protection from space debris: The atmosphere saves us from the many pieces of rock and other materials coming from space by disintegrating them. Due to the friction created by the atmospheric air, the meteorite endures pressure and friction and undergoes disintegration into dust depending on the size of the rock.
  • Weather: The atmospheric conditions affect our climate, which is the pattern of variation in atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind, precipitation, ultraviolet light, humidity, and other variables that occur over during large periods. Human activities and industrial effluents release gases into the atmosphere in such quantities that its composition and dynamics are changing.
  • Sustenance through plant life: Enclosing carbon dioxide and oxygen, the two most important cycles for both animal and plant life. Without the atmosphere, we wouldn’t even have clean and clear water. As the atmosphere facilitates the movement of water about the masses. Water evaporates from the oceans, cools down in between the clouds and due to the winds and rotation of the planet bring this portion of water to the dry areas of our continent, replenishing water sources around the world. Even the warmth we experience is due to the greenhouse effect created by the atmosphere.
  • Communication: One of the most important uses of the atmosphere is trapping the air. The air we breathe serves a lot of functions, but one more of its important functions is communication. Communicating referring to energy transfer, which is the way how we communicate. Air molecules being the translation medium taking the sounds vibration to the listener’s ears.

Thus, here we have discussed the various roles of the atmosphere. These roles of something which we can’t even see with our eyes does for the sustenance of our planet. For more interesting and fun facts with a different outlook about the world around us on topics like eutrophication, gravity and more, check out this YouTube channel-