Self-Guided Trip from Milan To Lake Como

If you are visiting Milan but you don’t go on a day-trip to Lake-Como then you will regret it rest of your life. The mountains and the fresh air will remind you about your trip for many more days, after you return back to your home country. There are number of organized day-trips available which will take you to Lake-Como and bring you back to Milan on the same day. If you prefer any self-guided day-trip then it will certainly be much more satisfying and it is not too difficult.

Which route to follow?

Following is the route that you will have to follow between Milan to Como. There will also be Bellagio and Varenna on your route.

Start from Milano Centrale railway station and you will first arrive at a station called Como San Giovanni. From there you have to take a ferry to go to Bellagio and again ferry to Varenna. After that you will reach Varenna-Esino railway station from where you will have to return back to Milano Centrale railway station

You will have to buy 2 sets of train-tickets for this day trip.

  • Firstly, from Milano Centrale railway station to Como San Giovanni railway station.
  • Secondly, Varenna-Esino railway station to Milano Centrale railway station.

All these tickets can also be purchased online and your smartphone will carry your ticket and there is no need to take any printout. It is better to book your ticket few days before you plan to go on the trip.

Also, you will need to buy 2 sets of ferry-tickets.

  • Firstly, a ferry ticket from Como to Bellagio
  • Secondly, a ferry from Bellagio to Varenna.

Ferry tickets, you need to buy on the spot and hence you must check the time-table of ferries, so that you can plan your trip properly.


You will visit three towns during your trip, among them Como will be the largest one. So, you must spend at least few hours and roam around the quaint streets, look around various shops, also take a dip in the lake.

For lunch, you may visit La-Cucina-di-Elsa. You can enjoy incredible seafood dishes like pistachio, paccheri with octopus and pesto together with refreshing white wine.


Bellagio with its tall mountains, grand villas, cypress trees and adorable cafés is absolutely stunning and you can really have a nice time visiting the place. While roaming around Bellagio streets, you can look at the pretty pink-flowers, beautiful lanterns, cobblestone alleyways, quaint little balconies and bright shutters. You can also taste wine in any wine shop and also try to explore further about the lake.


Varenna will absolutely steal your heart. Many people favour Bellagio however after visiting the place you may tend to disagree. When you reach Varenna by ferry, you will enjoy its beauty that perhaps you must have never seen before in your whole life.

In Varenna, you can have your dinner near the lake and also enjoy the surrounding views. You can also meander around and explore the place.

Before leaving, make sure that you watch the sun-dip behind the mountains when the sky turns into pink colour.

You may also visit to know more about the day trip to Como.

Nestled amidst the mountains, Lake Como attracts tourists as well as celebrities. The villages around the lakefront have retained a traditional feel. The shoreline is lined with New-classical villas that are backed by grand gardens. Many of these gardens are open to public as well. You should never miss the opportunity to visit the place at least once in your life time.

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