Purchasing the Right Martial Arts Uniform for You

There are about as many uniform styles as there are different forms of martial arts. While some of the sports may share uniform requirements, many others have their own guidelines depending on the style of the martial art. Whether you’re a store looking to provide taekwondo uniforms at discount, or just looking for a new uniform to replace one that was outgrown, here are some tips to find the right uniform for your needs.

Variety of Styles

Most martial arts have their own styles of uniform, and while some martial arts can use the same uniform it’s important to know which. Different uniform styles are designed to fit the different needs of the martial art. For example, judo uniforms are typically built from heavier weight fabric due to the judo style’s use of grappling and holds. It’s important to know which uniform an instructor desires their students to have before making a purchase.

Variety of Sizes and Weight

Size and weight are also important factors for a uniform. Whether you’re looking at taekwondo uniforms on discount or another style, you should note the fabric weight. Heavier fabrics and larger cuts are used in the styles of martial arts that practice lots of hold, or for more advanced practitioners of some arts. This not only gives sparring partners something to hold onto, but can help protect the wearer as well. Styles that require more movement of the body generally have lighter and closer fitting uniforms.

The Accessories to Go With Them

Sometimes an instructor may also recommend the purchase of an accessory item. These may include a gear bag that can be used to carry judo uniforms, a patch just earned, or a book they want a new student to read. It’s helpful for a store to be able to offer these along with the uniforms they sell. This means a customer may be able to make a one stop shop, or that a friendly sales professional may know in advance that an item is one their customers may need and be ready to offer it.

Whether you’re a store purchasing wholesale taekwondo uniforms so you can provide discount, or a student wanting to make sure you get the right uniform for your class, using these tips can help you get what you or your customers need. Remember that most martial arts do have their own styles of uniform, and that while some may share a style it’s important to know which those are. The cloth weight and size of your uniform are also important to know. Remember, the instructor of the class can provide all the necessary information, including if there will be any accessories needed with the uniform.


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