Many parents believe that K-12 private school

Many parents believe that K-12 private school is beyond their financial reach. This is not necessarily correct. With careful planning and research, started as early as possible, it can be possible to afford a private school without going into debt or mortgaging your home. Consider the following when creating your education budget.

Reach Out to the Admissions Department

Good schools want a varied student body as it is a selling point for families who can afford a full ride. It is possible that your child may have a unique set of abilities that makes them desirable in the eyes of the admissions department. Don’t be shy in pointing out what you think your child might offer the school when negotiating financial aid.

Go to Work

Research the requirements your school may place on financial aid. For example, it is not uncommon for schools offering need-based scholarships to require that both parents work. The hours required may vary, but consider whether taking on a part-time job may more than pay for itself if it leads to a hefty aid package for your child.


It is not at all unusual for schools to discount their tuition for students whose parents volunteer. Such volunteers are important to the school as it helps to foster the image of the school as an extended family. However, if the parent receives a sizable discount, the IRS may consider it a taxable benefit, so parents should check with their accountant.

Tax Credits

And speaking of the IRS, there are a number of states who offer a tax credit for parents who enroll their children in a private school. Currently, these states include Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina and several others. The website for the Alliance for School Choice maintains a list of states offering credits.

Always Keep Your Options Open

As always, it pays to do your homework. If you research affordable private schools tampa florida, make sure to consider both religious and secular-based ones. All that matters in the end is that parents attain the dream of sending their children to the best school possible.


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