Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew About teaching in Indonesia

While you are excited to teach the Indonesia students and fetch a high-end package, remember that culture is pivotal in your teacher training career. Why so? Find out these interesting facts below, but first, understand the basic concept behind culture and how it impacts learning.

Culture, what is it?

The definitive idea about culture is that it is our understanding of acceptable actions and beliefs. Therefore, every individual grows up in a culture that provides pattern of acceptable behaviour and belief. It is the background against which all our actions and beliefs become meaningful. Same goes in respect of the Indonesian culture and ethnic interest. Interesting, being an Asian or Eastern nation, you might find some common grounds of interest.

Finding the common base and differences with the west…

Let’s see what they are, and how they are different from the western countries for you to teach. Some of the points are already shared in your teacher training course in Indonesia.

First of all, anyone who wants to deal with people from a particular county should prepare themselves by studying its culture and history, so that they can avoid at least the more serious problems of communication that result from cultural differences.

  • Heart Vs. Mind –

Now, there is a difference between the heart vs. mind. While the Indonesia are driven by both the heart and mind, emotions and cultural values shares some rules which tend to suffice the present demands. However, they too take ad-hoc decisions or due to poverty and natural ordeals might know few tricks and tips. With the western people they plan for the sake of the future using their mind.

  • Particularists vs. Universalists –

Second, there is a stark difference in terms of the Particularists vs. Universalists point of view. The western people would change the rules in order to accommodate the individual cases. This is for the greater good of all. But for the Indonesian clan, the same is not found. Driven by the strict Islamic rules, some old-school, superstitious practices might endanger a student’s life or be critical. So one need to think before punishing a young kid, make other convince and put up logical points against it.

  • Specific versus Diffused relationship –

Another noticeable feature is the compartmentalisation of relationship among the western people. For instance, a colleague is nothing more than a colleague and someone does not become a member of a social circle just because they work together! Indonesia has a diffused culture. In the Indonesian interests a request from the teacher or boss is taken seriously, else it can hamper the personal relationship.

  • Nepotism versus meritocracy –

In the western world, nepotism is low compared to that in Indonesia. So while your teacher training course in Indonesia prepare you for a career, remember it is your skills that would rock. Thankfully, they are putting a good ambiance to teach, but make sure you are alert that the adverse too might take place.

Kingship cam encompasses not only blood relations but also people from the same village. However, with the impact of westernised thoughts and exchange of ideas, the scenarios have changed a lot. A warm greeting followed by the best of package is the current trend in Indonesia.

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