First Aid Training for Novices to Experts

What’s something you always need to have but hope never to use? That would be First Aid training. First Aid is needed at times when you least expect it. Someone can collapse at the mall, on an aeroplane, at the office, anywhere. And, unless someone administers proper training immediately, the person in need risks severe injuries or possibly losing their life. At The Safety Maintenance Company, we provide a variety of First Aid training courses to individuals and organisations throughout the North of England. Today, more companies are expected to have their employees certified in First Aid training. As a formally recognised and accredited training program, we can provide your organisation with the appropriate courses to meet the needs of today.

Here are the First Aid courses we currently provide and what they include.


The first and most used First Aid training is CPR – AED. This course prepares individuals to administer medical help until emergency medical services are present by performing CPR and using an AED. First, there is CPR training. This is a simple, lifesaving act that administers air into an individual and manually pulses the heart. Doing this allows oxygen and blood to flow normally until other help is then available. AED, short for automated external defibrillator, is a machine used for individuals who are having sudden cardiac arrest. Your AED device will diagnose what cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia a person may be having. Most offices are required to have an AED near people.

First Aid at Work – 1 Day

This course is ideal for preparing your employees how to handle emergencies that happen low hazard environments. For example, an injury at your office. Of course, not every injury is life-threatening. However, without the proper training, it’s difficult to administer the appropriate care needed and knowing what to inform medical responders of. Consisting of a practical section and multi-choice exam, this course will prepare your team for minor injuries that can occur commonly.

First Aid at Work – 3 Days

Similar to the previous course, our 3 Day First Aid at Work training programs covers all possible minor injuries that would occur in low hazard environments. However, in this course, we will go into more detail, covering more severe to critical injuries in higher risk situations. This course is ideal for those who do not work in a conventional office, travel frequently, or operate in remote locations where medical attention may be hard to reach. Likewise, this course consists of a practical section and multi-choice exam.

Paediatric First Aid

If you work with young children, we recommend our Paediatric First Aid training course. This course will prepare you to administer medical help to young children in the event of moderate to severe injuries. Additionally, our course will help you handle the mental and psychological factor that affects children more with injuries that would be in adults.

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