Figuring Out Where to Apply for Law School

You’ve decided you want to go to law school, now you have to decide which one to pick. The question of where to attend law school isn’t to be handled lightly as there are a variety of factors that should be considered before you start sending out those applications. Here are the major points you’ll want to keep in mind as you weigh your options.

Enrollment Requirements

First and foremost, find out if you can even get into the schools you want. Many of them carry strict academic qualifications for enrollment and hold all students to these high standards. Having a student body around you that is at your level academically will help to challenge you and improve your law education in ways you may not even expect. Law classes put an emphasis on student participation and you want to know you’re engaged with other individuals who are just as driven and learned as you are.

Size of the Student Body

There are pros and cons to attending schools with large rosters and choosing a smaller institution. Larger schools typically offer a wider variety of courses with class sizes that are bigger, offering a greater and more diverse set of ideas, opinions, and points of view from the students taking those courses. Smaller schools bring more personal interaction with faculty and more time with professors which many students might find beneficial for success.

Specialization Choices

Many students already know what kind of law they want to practice early on, if you’re among this group then you should explore the schools that offer the best programs for the specialty that interests you. Chances are that many of the prestigious schools out there will specialize in the form of law you want to study but don’t limit yourself to those institutions only. You may find certain schools that might not be at the top of the national rankings overall, but actually offer specialization programs in your category that are exceptional.

Online Options

Many schools are now providing comprehensive law courses through online programs for students who want to take these classes on their own schedules. Many of these online options are just as good as showing up to campus to get a good education. Click here to learn about USC’s masters in llm online program.

Job Opportunities

When you graduate, you’re going to want to know you have plenty of job options waiting for you. That’s why you’ll want to explore the various opportunities the school can provide you for finding hands-on experience beyond the education you’ll receive in your classes. There should be a menu of academic and professional options such as internships and externships, clinics, symposiums, and other various chances for expanding your knowledge further than class discussions.


Where the school is located can have an impact on whether you should go there or not. The institutions with household names like Syracuse University are usually exempt from these considerations since you’re attending a nationally recognized school. For those that are lesser known, location is important since it can provide you a wider choice or a limited number of job opportunities in the area.


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