The Drive For Building In Positive Gaming Platforms In Education

It is no surprise that many of today’s teens and young adults spend more time on video games than on their homework whether they are in high school or early on in college. This is certainly more of a concern for young men than young women. However, the prevalence of video gaming in today’s youth starts when they are young and often goes on well into their 30’s. 

The good news is, that there have been positive changes in the gaming world to integrate these platforms into education. Because of the widespread enthusiasm of gaming, there is a newfound push to alter and advance traditional gaming beyond entertainment in mainstream of America. Many people are unfamiliar with the history of gaming. Initially, digital and computer gaming was used quite extensively in the U.S. Government for the military and NASA. Thee uses were in place years before gaming became what it is today.

Technology And Gaming Problems

Traditional gaming has been looked on in a negative light because of many of the game platforms destructive violent content. Many of today’s gaming formats were created as the Internet became a staple in American homes, libraries and businesses. Additional changes occurred in gaming usage occurred when many Americans started to indulge in the on the go technology boon of smartphones and tablets. With the rise of this technology in the general public just over 15 years ago, gaming became available for people everywhere they go. This changed the access of games to on the spot for anyone access. But it has been linked with negative learning in today’s youth as a deterrent to educational focus and its potential links to violence.

Positive Changes In Gaming

Recently, on a more positive note, gaming is taking on a new face and is rediscovering some of its roots. This has occurred with the advancement of developing gaming for educational purposes and is known as educational learning games services. Major education groups are working with eLearning platforms and gaming creators to build video game educational programs for high school and college students. Because the drive for succeeding at gaming is strong among most players, educators decided to tap that resource. Today, the gaming passion is being used as a driving force behind building this new form of educational tool.

Education has always worked best when it peaks a student’s interest. Students who show a passion and curiosity for any subject or method of learning, usually excels above and beyond their traditional other skills. This excellence is more likely to occur because what drives them to learn is inside their core of peak interest.

Because the need to educate is being combined with a learning tool that has proven engagement interest amongst today’s youth, it is a natural assumption that this combination can potentially succeed. Since this platform of education has been used in the military and NASA with great success, it makes sense that usage in educational environment and curriculum can be quite successful as well.

Gaming development for education is at the early stages of development for colleges. However, the possibilities seem to be quite extensive in application. History, Astronomy, Science and Math gaming are natural places for these types of platforms. However, there can be significant other areas that this type of platform could potentially work as well.

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