Things to Consider Before Accepting Your First Job out of College


When you’re in the process of finding your first job out of college, there are a lot of important things to consider. Hopefully, you have been networking while attending school so there are at least some promising leads for you to consider. If not, it’s okay, you can do it. Once you’ve found some opportunities, here are some things for you to consider before accepting that new job offer.

Are you being well compensated?

When it comes to a job, this might in a lot of ways be the bottom line. How much can I make? You have to eat, you have to have a place to stay. If you have a family they have needs as well and this job needs to be able to care for those. However, it’s important to be very realistic about what you bring to the table. If you’re brand new out of college with no work history in your field, there is likely some training and gaining of experience that needs to occur before you are very valuable. It’s a hard truth but it’s one you should firmly grasp before you start interviewing. You probably are not going to get nor do you likely deserve a six-figure job.

Do your research, there are websites that can help you determine what a realistic salary is for your position. Some sites can even help you determine what a realistic salary is for that position in the region you’d like to live in. If at the end of the day, the opportunity for earning is not as high as you’d like, it might still be a good opportunity. The rest of this blog contains some things to consider other than just salary amounts.

Will you gain valuable experience?

Find out what your responsibilities with the company will be if you accept their offer. If your tasks will be ones that will give you helpful, real-world experience that could lead to greater opportunities for you in the future, that is extremely valuable. Will you be taught new skill sets? If so, that could make you much more marketable in the future. That may be more marketable within the same company or it might mean more marketable in the future in the job market.

Are there opportunities to advance within the company?

Ask if there is room for growth within the company. Dead end jobs are everywhere. If there are some skills that you can and want to learn, it might be okay to take that job even if it doesn’t have room for growth. However, it’s not uncommon for companies to have pretty set ladders for employees to climb. Starting from the bottom is pretty par the course. They want to see you pay your dues, learn their processes and show your loyalty.

Do you like where the job opportunity is located?

Before you move yourself or your family to a new city, do you even want to live where the company is located? Can you afford to do so? In some areas the cost of living is extremely high and you need to consider that heavily before relocating. These are important things to consider before you accept a position. It would be a very rash decision to move to a city site unseen. Do your homework into you potential new home base. If you like what you see, it might work out great for you.